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Simple Mode

If you are in need of random names without any specific focus, please use the Simple Mode. You can do that by clicking the To Simple Mode link in the upper right corner of a name category.
Once there, click the Generate! button to start generating your names. You can select the amount of names Namator is generating by selecting a number from the drop down list in front of the Generate! button.
If you want more control over Namator's output, please read on!

Advanced Mode

lilgen cowboy

As an experienced nameslinger you surely want more control over your generated names. This is where Namator's Advanced Mode comes in.

The Advanced Mode is full of functions to help you focus your name search. From the drop down lists you can select different name-lists for each part of the name.

If you're feeling lucky, simply use the entry --random-- in one or more of the drop down lists. That will randomize Namator's output.

Apropos output: You can let Namator show detailed information about a name by clicking the Show Info link! It's right above the list of generated names.
If you already know a certain part of a name and want to randomize the rest of it, all you have to do is type in your name in one of the fields to the right

Furthermore you can create a My Names list -- keep the best, trash the rest. To add names to your My Names list, click the little check box on the left side of a generated name. The next time you hit the Submit Changes! button the selected names will be added to your My Names list. To remove names form your My Names list, simply uncheck a box in the My Names list.
You can also save and load your My Names list by clicking the links on the right side above the Submit Changes! button. To export your My Names list you can do the following:

  • Copy your list to the clipboard (ctrl+c) and paste it into your application (ctrl+v)
    Please be aware that in some browsers the name info will be copied, too. If you want to avoid this, please use the next option below and export to a txt file.

  • Click the Print & Export link to print your list or export it to a txt file

More questions?

Have more questions? Please go to the contact page and ask.

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