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Changelog and news about Namator updates. Most recent news are at the top.

Version 1.7

Launch date: 2008-06-27

  • Added arabic names
  • Tried to fix counter bug again and again...

Version 1.6

Launch date: 2006-10-24

  • Fixed 1 name doesn't generate bug
  • General code overhaul

Version 1.5

Launch date: 2006-12-1

  • New name categories: Companies, Fantasy, Planets
  • New pages: Contact, Status, News, javascript and cookie help pages
  • Extended Simple and Advanced Mode (e.g. Show Info, better checkbox selection)
  • Implemented the My Names list that can be saved, loaded, printed and exported
  • New main menu
  • General code overhaul

Version 1

Launch date: 2005-5-19

  • Category: People
  • Simple and Advanced Mode
  • Pages: Help, About, Feedback

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